How you earn by promoting handmade products:

1. You register for free and receive a giveway.
2. Become a Creator and promote the referral link.
3. Invite 10 friends from outside the platform, make a Live in which you show them handmade products from the Admin page and you receive 10 euros. You can do it live every day.
20 Euro/referral 
5% lifetime commission
Create an account

Referral program

20 euro / card if a referral buys a handmade package.

Earn 5% for life, from the handmade work of the referral.
Support handmade jobs
Buy a box with handmade products and 35% of the box value is considered as an investment.
This investment will double in 40 working days. You will receive the money on your  account in 2 installments, each after 20 working days.

Become Creator

You will register and will receive a verification code or your account, this will be  approved manually in 2-12 hours.

After approval, you will  log in, click on More and access  Become Creator.

After logging in, in your messaging, you will receive directions.

Payment and commissions are made by Paypal or card.

Participate actively in the creation of a platform similar to Instagram, dedicated to Handamde Jobs, and you will have guaranteed monthly earnings.

A handmader referral brings you a minimum profit of 50 euros. 100 referrals can bring you 5,000 euros/month.